Revic WM1 Window Mount - PDG2080


Revic WM1Window Mount - PDG2080

The Revic WM1 Window Mount employs a standard 1/4x20 thread for connecting your preferred glassing head. Whether you need to swiftly traverse vast landscapes or contend with harsh weather conditions, the Revic window mount ensures stability when observing from your vehicle. The user-friendly ergonomic clamping knob and rubberized clamping face make attaching it a seamless process.

Features of the Revic WM1 Window Mount

  • Clamp to edges up to 0.86" thick
  • Machined Aluminum
  • Hard Anodization

Product Specifications for the Revic WM1 Window Mount

  • 2.44" Height
  • Weight (lbs): 0.55
  • Maximum Load: 8.81 lbs