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Leupold Scopes are the optics everyone compares every other optic too. Leupold has been the go-to scope for over 100 years.  Here at The Optic Zone, we carry a large selection of Leupold hunting scopes, Leupold tactical scopes and Leupold target scopes.  We offer some of the lowest Leupold scope prices on models such as the Mark 5HD, Mark 3HD, VX6HD, VX5HD, VX3HD, and VXFreedom.  Leupold’s Warranty is second to none! Leupold guarantee performance for life.  If at any time your Leupold Riflescope doesn’t perform, they will repair or replace your Leupold product for free.  Leupold Riflescopes have features available for any time of shooting or hunting.  So, check out our selection of Leupold rifle scopes for sale.

Featured Leupold rifle scopes for sale

Shop our featured Leupold optics for sale and elevate your shooting game. With exceptional optics and precision engineering, Leupold gun scopes deliver unrivaled clarity and accuracy. Whether you're a hunter or a precision shooter, trust in the quality and performance of Leupold scopes. Upgrade your gear and take aim with confidence.

Why The Optic Zone is the best place to buy Leupold scopes.

First off, we are an authorized Leupold scope dealer. We offer personable customers service.We have been in business for over 20 years so we will be here if you need us. We offer some of the best deals and best prices on Leupold optics.  We aim to bring you the best customer experience and the best price on Leupold rifle scopes.

What types of Leupold scope reticles are available.

Leupold offers a selection of reticles for all types of shooting situations. Leupold reticle types range from the basic Duplex reticle to the more advanced ladder/tree style reticles for holdover and windage.  They are typically offered in both a MOA or MRAD calculations.  Learn more about the Leupold optics reticles available.

What other Leupold products do we have available?

Here are the other types of equipment, accessories, and Leupold optics for sale in our store.