Wheeler Ultra Scope Mounting Kit - 541010


Wheeler Ultra Scope Mounting Kit 541010

The Wheeler Ultra Scope Mounting Kit puts all the best Wheeler scope mounting accessories into one perfect package. With this kit you can level your rifle, level your scope, mount your scope to the rifle, and then coarse sight in your scope with precision and accuracy. No more guess work and that's good enough. The ULTRA Scope Mounting Kit even provides thread locker and a lens pen to keep your scope clean and your optics secure on even the largest caliber guns.

Features of the Wheeler Ultra Scope Mounting Kit

  • Professional Reticle Leveling System to make sure the scope is level and your crosshairs are perfectly perpendicular
  • Professional Laser Bore Sighter to align your crosshairs and get you on paper faster
  • FAT Wrench to apply precise inch-lb. pressure on all of your screws
  • Includes 9 bits, 1 socket and a bit holder for all your maintenance needs
  • Comes with thread locker so your screws won't work their way loose