Hornady XTP Mag 50 Cal. (.500) HP 350 gr., Box of 50 - 50100


Hornady XTP Mag 50 Cal. (.500) Hollow Point 350 gr., Box of 50 - 50100

The Hornady XTP Mag 50 Cal. (.500) HP 350 grain Bullets showcase exceptional accuracy, prompting numerous competitive shooters to embrace its use. Widely favored among target shooters and hunters, the XTP is renowned for its dependable performance. From its inception, XTP bullets were meticulously engineered to consistently expand across a broad spectrum of handgun velocities, ensuring profound penetration with each discharge. The strategic incorporation of precise serrations divides the XTP into symmetrical sections, strategically weakening the jacket and facilitating controlled expansion even at lower velocities. Unlike plated bullets with uniform jacket thickness, the XTP boasts variable jacket thickness along its length, offering a distinct advantage. This design feature regulates expansion, with the gilding metal jacket safeguarding the bullet's nose to ensure proper functioning of the hollow cavity upon impact, as well as reliable feeding in semi-automatic firearms. The total uniformity of core density in the XTP guarantees both balanced expansion and stability during flight, further enhancing its overall performance.