Leupold RX-1500i TBR/W DNA, Black /Gray - 182443


Leupold RX1500i TBR/W DNA Black/Gray Rangefinder 182443

The Leupold RX1500i TBR/W DNA Black Rangefinder gives you the exact distance every time.  The RX-1500i uses Leupold's lightning fast DNA laser engine and the True Ballistic Range/Wind technology to turn out precise accurate ranges in most extreme terrain.  This rangefinder also measures 10MPH wind holds for most rifle cartridges.  A great feature is the Trophy Scale, which gives your visual assurance of the animal's antler width while ranging it.  Lightweight, rugged polymer housing that's durable enough to withstand the rigors of the backcountry hunt.


Features of the Leupold RX1500i TBR/W DNA Black/Gray Rangefinder

  • DNA (Digitally Enhanced Accuracy)
  • True Ballistic Range with Wind
  • Black High Light Transmission LCD
  • Line of Sight (LOS)
  • Last Target Mode
  • Selectable Reticles
  • Trophy Scale

Product Specifications for the Leupold RX1500i TBR/W DNA Black/Gray Rangefinder

  • Actual Magnification: 6x
  • Max Range (Reflective) (yd): 1500
  • Max Range (Trees) (yd): 1200
  • Max Range (Deer) (yd): 900
  • Min Range (yd): 6
  • Linear Field of View (ft/1000 yd): 315
  • Angular Field of View (degrees): 6
  • Weight (oz): 7.0
  • Length (in): 7.0
  • Eye Relief (mm): 14