Warne Maxima Mauser 98 Unaltered, 2 piece Base, Matte - M902832M


Warne Maxima Mauser 98 Unaltered, 2 piece Matte Bases - M902832M

The Warne Maxima Mauser 98 Unaltered 2 piece Matte Bases are modeled around the popular Weaver design, which is one of the strongest and most versatile mounting systems available today. The low profile of the Maxima Steel Bases give your firearm a sleek look. Maxima Bases also offer a full width recoil slot in each base. This feature allows the recoil control keys of Warne Rings to attain maximum bearing surface.

Features of the Warne Maxima Mauser 96 Unaltered, 2 piece Matte Bases

  • Low profile design allows use of iron sights when optics are removed.
  • Full width and depth recoil slots provide maximum bearing surface for recoil key engagement.
  • Bases securely mount to your firearm with Torx-style T-15 socket cap screws, 25 in/lb. of torque is recommended.