Burris Signature .22 1" Rings, High, Matte - 420556


Burris Signature .22 1" High Matte Rings 420556

The Burris Signature .22 1" High Rings set the standard by which all other scope rings are measured. They enjoy an industry-wide reputation for solid, reliable performance regardless of weather and shooting circumstances. Proven designs have withstood the test of time and are available for all manner of optics and bases. These solid steel rings not only provide tremendous gripping power and durability, they guarantee proper alignment and maximum scope-to-ring contact through the use of Burris patented Pos-Align Inserts system. Pos-Align is the hassle-free way to get perfect centering, ensuring that you get the most clarity and precision from your optic. Signature Rings are covered by the Burris Forever Warranty.

Product Specifications for the Burris Signature .22 1" High Rings

Height: 1.29 inches