Leupold LTO Quest HD, Matte - 173882 (Discontinued)

Leu173882 (Discontinued)

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Leupold LTO HD Quest - 173882

The Leupold LTO HD Quest is a powerful handheld thermal device, a camera, and a dual-mode, 300 lumen flashlight. With it, you can detect heat signatures in High Definition out to 300 yards, which can make all the difference in scouting or tracking downed game.


Features of the Leupold LTO HD Quest

  • Thermal Sensor
  • Battery: Internal
  • Fixed Focus

Product Specifications for the Leupold LTO Quest

  • Operating Temperature: -4F to 140F
  • Temperature Detection Range: -40F to 872F
  • Startup Time: < 3 seconds
  • Detection Distance: 300 Yards