Caldwell Lead Sled 3 - 820310


Caldwell Lead Sled 3 820310

The Caldwell Lead Sled 3 has become the standard in weight reduction shooting rests. The Lead Sled 3 reduces recoil by up to 95% while securely holding your gun on target. The new Skeletonized front rest secures your gun with it's non-marring surfaces. The Improved rear buttstock cradle uses top of the line Shock Eliminator Technology and has non-marring cradle to keep your gun in place.

Features of the Caldwell Lead Sled 3

  • Ideal for magnum rifles & slug guns
  • Holds up to two 25 lb. bar bell weights
  • Holds up to 100 lbs. of lead shot
  • Fingertip elevation adjustment
  • Non-marring rubber feet
  • Rear adjustable elevation

Specifications of the Caldwell Lead Sled 3

  • Up to 4" of elevation adjustment
  • Weight tray can accommodate 2 - 25lb barbell weights
  • Weighs approx. 15 pounds and is 27" L x 12" W